Goniophotometer - A Highly Accurate Machine

Sensorsís PowerLux Goniophotometer is the state-of Ėthe-art, high performance, and high accurate machine featuring 0.01-degree step accuracy. The user-friendliest PowerLux software to gives all the control and test of all kind of Light just by few mouse clicks.

The intuitive Windows 98 interface lets you to scan and test almost all types of lamps based on ECE and custom defined standers just by selecting well categorized drop-down menu items.

Our Photogoniometer 2005 is state-of-the-art machine, which have fully redesigned electronics and micro-controller control arrangement and gives close to 100% movement accuracy and user friendliness. New Photogoniometer 2005 has following new features:
Auto Home and Zero position seeking.
Angle Steps accuracy.
Scans lamps patters of almost all types of lamps.
Leaser arrangement to aligned lamps.
Produce smooth lamp pattern graph with outline ISOLUX.
Test lamps under ECE and custom programmed standard.


Hi-Speed 16 bit microprocessor to control and monitor the control.
Panasonic Servo Motor driver in close loop configuration to give better position accuracy.
Local control penal with 4 line LCD to control various operation without the main controlling PC.
Zero seeking and manual movement to a specific angle of both of the axis can be controlled through local control penal.
Improved zero seeking algorithm, takes very less time zero seeking.
Due Hi-Speed 16 bit micro-controller controlling design the system immune to various external electric noise which give higher accuracy.
Main Controlling PC and the Photogoniometer are connected by only a single Rs-232 serial cable.
Sensorsís Photogoniometer 2005 has a built-in foolproof power failure recovery system.
Software PowerLux 2005 makes all operations of the Photogoniometer 2005 user-friendly.
Most of the ECE standards points can be verified automatically form the lamp scanned image file as per requirement.
There is a provision in the PowerLux software to include new standards by a well-defined scripting language.
PowerLux software has a provision to scan some pre-defined scanning point at a fraction of time and can compared with pre-define value to give pass/fail result.