Environmental Testing

Environmental Test Chambers involves exposing a package or product to controlled temperatures and humidity in order to reproduce the conditions that the package/product is expected to survive in its transportation, storage and operating life. After exposure, the package or product is assessed for damage.

Environmental testing is comprised of various tests. In the military, aerospace & automotive industries, environmental testing is considered as incorporating all kinds of stress that a product might experience (including mechanical elements such as shock, vibration and operational stress) plus temperature and humidity.


•  Heat Cool Test Chamber
•  Corrosion Test Chamber
•  Humidity Test Chamber
•  Dust Chamber
•  Drip Box Tester
•  Water Spray Test Chamber
•  Hi-Pressure Water Spray Test Chamber
•  U V Test Chamber
•  Heating Oven
•  Cold Chamber
•  Industrial Oven
•  Rain Test Chamber
•  Salt Spray Chamber
•  UV Chamber Based on ASTM G-154