Electrical Components Test Equipments

Sensors India, designs Electrical appliances, components and Electrical accessories testing system to audit quality and reliability of accessories,

Such as MCBs, Switchgears, Regulators Electrical Reliability                                          

•  Insulation Resistance Tester
•  High Voltage Break-Down Tester
•  Continuity Tester
•  Contact Resistance Test
•  Endurance Test Horn and Bulbs
•  Endurance Test For Mixer Grinder and Iron
•  Endurance Test For Mixer Grinder
•  Drop Test Apparatus
•  Endurance Test System For Thermostats
•  Endurance Test Apparatus For MCB and Isolator
•  Endurance Test Apparatus 
•  Endurance Test Capacitor
•  28 Day Test Apparatus For MCB