Life Test Quantity Apparatus

(For GLS and Other Type of Lamps)

Life test machine for Auto Bulbs and other GLS Bulbs with light value falling by aging detection system. This machine consist of following:
Digital Voltmeter
Digital Ammeter
Circuit Breaker
Short circuit protection circuit.

System to hold 100 bulbs in two directions consists of up facing & down facing bulbs each.
Electronic system with memory to record failure of each bulb, recording life in hour & minutes.

Auto Detection

In event of falling lumen value of the Set Band Value the failure of the lamp will be indicated Shunt system to detect bulb in and bulb out, bulb on and bulb fuse etc..
Digital Voltmeter
Digital Amp meter
Additional space to fix holder of different design in future.
Memory backs up in case of power failure.
�ON� �OFF� programmer. For each bulb maximum 100 watts each


For computerized login arrangement with Power-Life software.