High Voltage Break-Down Tester

High Voltage Breakdown Testers are useful for checking breakdown (flash-over) voltages of motors, transformers, pumps, chokes, coils, switches, connectors, plastics, rubbers, PCB’s, insulation materials, electrical and electronic components etc. Useful for industries, railways, electricity boards, defence, and communication centers, R & D organizations, laboratories, colleges, service centers etc. Automatic tripping facility, HT ON and HT OFF visual indications, HT ON buzzer, high voltage safety probe with push button enable features, provide operator’s safety. HT voltage and leakage current meters provide continuous readings, simultaneously. Tripping current levels can be set from 0 to maximum by front panel control. Actual value of leakage current is displayed on digital display at meter.


whenever mains supply of the high voltage tester is turned ON, high voltage remains OFF and is enabled only when push button on safety probe is kept pressed.
Ratings: 0-3 KV, 5 KV, 10 KV and 20 KV
Other higher ratings can be made as per customer’s requirements.
• Multiple safety locks for the operator.
• Build in safety for operator
• Efficient after sales service.
• Guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects only.