Dielectric High Voltage Tester

The high voltage breakdown tester is commonly used for determining the dielectric breakdown voltage strength in material through the thickness of a test specimen as per relative Indian & international codes.

The high voltage strength of an electric insulating material is a property of interest for any application where an electrical field will be present. The conditions are applied between the insulating & conducting material. The test, which is specified here in may be used to provide part of information needed for a given application & also for detecting changes or deviations from normal characteristics resulting from processing variables, aging condition or other manufacturing or environmental situation. This method is useful for process control, acceptance or research testing.

• With safety high voltage prods.
• Rating as per requirements.
• With audio visual alarm system.
• With necessary voltmeter and tripping current meter.
• Rugged equipment for longevity and performance for years.

High voltage break down tester as per ASTM-D-149

The apparatus consist of following:
• Control Box consisting of motorized
• voltage increase & decrease system
• Digital Voltmeter
• Digital Ammeter
• Sensing circuit and Accessories
• High Voltage transformer of Kilo volts output, secondary current capacity
• Acrylic transparent Box containing spherical brass electrode spring loaded, with mechanism to lift the electrode when door is opened.

This is designed exactly as per the ASTM-D-149.

Technical Specifications:
• OUTPUT - 0-20 KV/30 KV/50 KV
• TRIPPING CURRENT - 10, 50, 100 m.A.
• RATE OF INCREASE OF VOLTAGE 500 V PER SECOND. The apparatus is ergonomically designed for ease of operation.
• Built in safety cage of engineering plastics with safety interlock switch.
• All necessary safeties for High Voltage to be incorporated.
• Edge of electrodes to be rounded.