Auto Components Test

Sensors India, designs auto components and auto accessories testing system to audit quality and reliability of accessories, such as plastic molds, electrical and environmental severity.

The test equipments includes:

Electrical Reliability

• Insulation Resistance Tester
• High Voltage Break-Down Tester
• Continuity Tester
• Contact Resistance Test
• Endurance Test Horn And Bulbs


Mechanical Reliability

• Endurance Test for Ignition Auto lock
• Endurance Test for Fuel Cock
• Endurance Test Switches
• Endurance Test Combination Switches
• Endurance Test for Mirror Tilting
• Endurance Test Door Lock & Stoppers
• Impact Test System
• Abrasion Test Apparatus


Environmental Test Chambers

• Heat Cool Test Chamber
• Corrosion Test Chamber
• Humidity Test Chamber
• Dust Chamber
• Water Spray Test Chamber
• Hi-Pressure Water Spray Test Chamber
• U V Test Chamber
• Heating Oven
• Cold Chamber

The Sensors also provides custom designed test solution with complete PC interfacing and logging.