About Sensors

SENSORS INDIA designs, develops and manufactures special-purpose, custom-built, Test and Measuring equipments. It also provides design and engineering software services. To fulfill Testing and Manufacturing requirements of our valuable customers, our products and services are used in:

    » Research and Development Units
    » Test Laboratories
    » Defence Establishments
    » Government Institutions
    » Manufacturing Industries

It's a tough world, and your products need to meet stringent Safety and Compliance norms to satisfy the requirements of International Standards. At SENSORS INDIA, we have been developing, since 1982, some of the best Safety and Compliance Test Equipment you can ever buy. A fact endorsed by our long list of satisfied customers all across the world. The equipment we develop are used by test laboratories and manufacturers to test such diverse products as:

    » Home Appliances / White Goods
    » Electrical Accessories
    » Automotive Lighting Systems
    » Indoor / Outdoor Lighting Systems

Our products are used to test electro-technical items such as:

    Home Appliances
    Electrical Accessories
    Plugs, Sockets
    Industrial, Home, Automotive and Road Lighting
    Automobile Lighting Systems
    Cables Plastics

Sensors India can provide the solutions for

    » Safety Test Requirements
    » Compliance Test Requirements
    » Physical Test Requirements
    » Material Test Requirements
    » Photometry Test requirements

The equipments that we develop in-house are live testimonials of our strong Research and Development commitments. We maintain an extensive in-house library. We are members of many relevant professional organizations as well. We also keep our selves updated with International standards.

» Located in New Delhi, the commercial, industrial and political hub of India.
» In 1982, Sensors India was founded by Mr. A.K. Dube, engineer by profession, giving consultancy to Domestic and International companies.
» Our growth has been rapid. Facilities, one after the other were added. Our Research and Development designing facility was formally set up in tandem with our commencement of complete product fabrication.
» Being unable to locate high quality test equipment for in-house testing, we designed and developed our own range of safety test equipment.
» Upon request from our vendors, we started designing and fabrication of various equipments of varied test equipments.
» We laid special impetus on high quality custom built test equipments, equipment design, development and production.
» We have also provided design and development consultancy for several industrial projects.
» The Sensors brand name is now synonymous with high quality test equipment as justified by our growing list of satisfied Clients worldwide.
Our range of products is broadly divided into five areas depending on the test category.

    » Safety and Compliance Testing
    » Physical (properties) Testing
    » Electro-Mechanical Testing
    » Photometric Testing
    » Material Testing
Custom designing allows us to modify our equipment to your needs.

We have shifted a fully functional factory at Bawana Industrial area Delhi