Earthing Contact Resistance Tester

(Earth Bond Test System)

The Earthing Contact Resistance Tester is a basic safety test prescribed in many standards to test samples for the proper connection of Earthing with appliance or Unit, throughout the sample. The ECRTof Sensor’s designed to perform this test. It checks the contact resistance between accessible metal parts of the Appliance and Earth by passing a high current and measuring the resultant voltage drop. (The principle of measurement is Ohm’s Law) and the metering and transformers are properly designed to obtain accurate results. The appliance and is placed on an insulating surface. The EARTH terminal of the is firmly fixed to the main Earth terminal of the appliance The heavy duty cables and crocodile clip is firmly connected to the appliance that nullify the cable resistance or minimize the resistance when connected to various accessible metal parts of appliance or unit and a high current is passed between ‘OUTPUT’ and ‘EARTH’.


Bench top unit requiring a 230 Volts /110 Volts AC, single phase.
Digital meters are provided for indicating Voltage and Current.
Heavy duty output supply with current limiting.
Over current relay is provided case of output over current.

Test Voltage 12 V AC or 5 Volts AC source as per requirement.
Test Current Range 0~30 A AC, customized current source can be designed as per requirement
Voltmeter Digital
Ammeter Digital