Endurance Test Machine


Special machine to conduct the following tests.

(a) Making & breaking capacity test
(b) Endurance test
(c) Normal operation for fluorescent lamp

Unique salient feature :


The digital system detects 'WELD' or 'OPEN' condition of switch and an Audio Visual alarm indication.

This machine will conduct test on samples having digital preset counter for number of operations. The Electromechanical or Pneumatic operation will be used with programmer to achieve all condition i.e. 7operations to 30 operations per minute.

Sensors offers Inductive Loads with following options to test switches and sockets as per IEC or IS for 'Normal Operation' and 'Making-Breaking' Tests.

Optionally variable voltage source with digital Voltmeter, Ammeter & Digital Power Factor Meter is available with above options.




Functional Specifications

» The necessary digital voltmeter
» Ammeter CT. operated will be used.
» On completion of test the machine will automatically stop
» Sample size as per user's requirements
» Load (inductive and resistive combination power factor adjustable)
» Pneumatics/mechanical
» Digital programmer.
» Digital power factor meter Load adjustable power factor variable